Department Chair

September 23rd, 2016

Department Chair

Department Chair

Dear students and visitors, 

Welcome to the department of Civil Engineering! I extend the warmest welcome on behalf of our academic and administrative staff members. Our academic team is comprised of national and international scholars experienced in research and teaching in a wide range of engineering sub disciplines. Herein, you will find the most supportive, inspiring, motivating professors as well as a friendly professional environment to enrich your knowledge. 

Our program curricula as detailed in this website accordingly for the Bachelor, Scientific and Professional Master level, and the PhD level distinctively demonstrates its professional matching with the local needs of the country along side with the regional and international demands and expectations in the current civil engineering developments. Moreover, the logistic infrastructure of our university campus, the modern library being intertwined with the most up-to-dated teaching methods have successfully contributed to knowledge acquisition in the challenging, yet exciting courses of civil engineering. In line with our department’s main goal to become one of the best departments in Albania, we have boosted international cooperation with other international universities, thus further promoting our image as a center of high academic quality. This international and worldwide collaboration is being carried out through tangible and continuous exchange programs, bilateral and multilateral educational agreements for scholars and students. 

Finally, we are delighted and proud of our department’s student community as the most talented and hard-working students filtered by standardized admission tests guaranteeing high achievements for themselves as for the country’s further advances. Our students are equipped with the relevant competitive professional skills not only to rival the job market but, so far, they have been among the leaders of practitioners in job projects in Albania and the neighboring countries. 

Students’ life is unique, however should you choose the civil engineering department at Epoka University, It will definitely constitute a milestone towards building up a sustainable self-career and remarkable contribution to the country’s engineering breakthroughs.

Join us in our common goal!

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Miriam Ndini

Department Chair,