Epoka University successfully closes the proceedings of the 2nd International Balkans Conference on Challenges of Civil Engineering

May 27th, 2013

The "2nd INTERNATIONAL BALKANS CONFERENCE ON CHALLENGES OF CIVIL ENGINEERING" was held at Epoka University, Albania over three days from 23-25 May, 2013.

Over 200 delegates attended the event from 20 different countries in the region and beyond. The conference included presentations covering a broad variety of topics in challenges of Civil Engineering. In total there were 140 scientific papers organized in 11 oral presentation sessions, poster session, and also a special DMT application session.

The conference was structured into segments. The opening ceremony was held at Tirana International Hotel, where conference organizers and government members addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.

The conference was also addressed by the Minister of Environment, Forests and Water Administration, Mr. Fatmir Mediu, who emphasized the role of science as a crucial factor that helps in creating efficient urban policies. He expressed his support for research, considering it as one of the essential points of a successful government policy on environmental protection. Mr. Mediu encouraged researchers and academicians participating in this conference, to commit their studies in the future, noting that these studies are an important contribution to the prevention of natural disasters and environmental protection.

The morning plenary session was dedicated to invited speakers who revealed their experience in different challenges civil engineering is facing nowadays. The afternoon and second day allowed participants to select from a number of technical parallel sessions, with topics including Structural and Earthquake Engineering, Coastal and Harbor Engineering, Computational Methods in Civil Engineering, Construction Technology and Management, Construction Materials, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Historical and Monumental Buildings, and Case Studies in Civil Engineering.Each paper was presented in Oral or poster form. The abstracts and scientific materials in detail have been published in the Proceedings; the Abstract Book printed, and the full papers in a CD.

The third day was dedicated to social activity where a group of academicians visited Vlora, Apolonia and Durres having the opportunity to expand their network of friends, peers and colleagues, as well as to enjoy the Albanian food and nature.