Mr. Alket Kumaraku was invited as speaker in Open Lecture at Epoka University

October 15th, 2017

On October 15th, 2017, Mr. Alket Kumaraku was invited from the Department of Civil Engineering as a guest speaker to have an open lecture on the Water Supply Systems.

Alket Kumaraku is a Hydrotechnic Engineer, Water Supply and Sewerage Systems at Polytechnic University of Tirana.

Mr. Alket Kumaraku introduced the audience to the water supply systems focusing mainly on the Tirana region. In this open lecture, our guest presented the types of the water supply systems, systems schemes of water supply, components of the system, design of the water supply system, installation of the water supply systems as well as the loss of the water in the supply systems which is considered as Non–Revenue Water (NRW).

Finally, general conclusions and drawbacks were outlined. At the end, students of Civil Engineering Department were welcomed to ask questions and express their ideas about the topic discussed.